Light Discover New Planets/Galaxies/Solar System

9LU 137786
2 min readDec 27, 2018


Light travels in a vacuum because of the Existential Magnetic Field in that frame of reference. The Existential Magnetic Field is always a vector. It does not affect the path of light, but presence does(the existence in that frame of reference). The Existential Magnetic Field will only affect the path of another object if the magnitude of the Existential Magnetic Field of both objects lies in the same range under a comparable frame of reference’s Magnitude. This magnitude is directly proportional to mass and inversely proportional to the distance between objects. That’s why Planet revolves around a star or the common point of cumulative energies.

Suppose a light particle reaches the boundary of the Cumulative Existential Magnetic Field of Galaxy (starting point of Non-Existential Magnetic Field Region). In that case, all its energy will become zero once it reaches the endpoint of the boundary, and all that energy will help in increasing the length of boundaries.

Let’s assume there are two galaxies, and there is some space between them which is a region of Non-Existential Magnetic Field then till that space is there, we are neither able to travel/send(anything) from one to another nor able to see stars and planets of each other galaxies. All stars light particles are continuously spreading the boundaries. That’s why we are able to discover billions of galaxies every few years. There are billions of galaxies around us which are still not discovered.

All newly found galaxies are discovered only after nullifying the gap of the Non-Existential Magnetic Field Region.

The probability of an object to reach an extreme boundary of the Existential Magnetic Field is zero(negligible) because it will attract by any Potential Magnetic Field Region, but in case if it reaches the point, then it will stay and will not go further till it merges with another Existential Magnetic Field Region.

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