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4 min readDec 27, 2018

I am neither denying nor agreeing whether Aliens exist or not because this will only be helpful for us because if they have good intentions, then they should not trust people of our planet because this world is full of Politics, misuse of power, and leaders are aimless/spineless and seek profit, take credits without doing anything and hide wrong deeds done by their Political Parties and if they have bad then it will be good for people to not know about them.

Many times UFO has been seen while Entering Earth from Earth’s outer space(crossing Ozone layer) making an arc of 87 to 30 degrees with respect to Earth’s Surface with a convex downward curve. They are also using the same 4th Dimensional Space Travel, They have opened the gates in Earth’s outer space, and earlier, they opened the gate behind the moon(opposite side of Earth’s facing in Moon’s outer space). I am not sure whether the same group operates them because their spaceship architecture is completely different. Till now, I have seen 3 types of spaceships. All are with the same technologies.

A few times, it has also been seen that they have opened the gates near Earth’s Potential Magnetic Field Region. Due to sudden Potential magnetic pull, they have crossed(fall) the ozone layer in a perpendicular direction to Earth’s Surface, but they have managed to balance their ship after crossing the ozone layer and went back with making an arc of 60 to 10 degrees with respect to Earth’s surface with a convex upward curve. I don’t know why they have opened the gate so close to the ozone layer, and it might be possible that they have miss calculated the planetary location, or maybe they did it for research purposes. This thing happened a few weeks ago.

They are coming to our boundaries without giving any signals of their existence/coming, which is not a good sign for us. This is the same thing when an object enters another country’s boundary without permission or contacting to show its existence. They are doing this even when they have advanced technologies, and if they want, they can contact us easily. In the past 8 years, I have never received any signals from space which can decrypt that they exist. I have received many signals, but these signals are not for same.

But this is sure that they know that there is life on Earth and Human Rule this planet. Because they have never stayed for more than an hour, maybe Earth’s Environment doesn’t suit them.

We should not try to make contact first. They are more developed. If they know that we know their existence, then they could harm us. Let give them the time.

At most, 3 times in a month, UFOs visit Earth. They have never been seen around and above large heightened things like buildings, towers, and mountains. They have diverted their path whenever they come around them.

I am sure that they are scared of us and will never attack us, but If they attack, I am enough technology sufficient to save our planet without any harm.

This is sure, we are not alone, and I am waiting for their signals. I don’t know the location of the last end gate.

Still, I have thousands of questions, and I want to know their answers before my death.

Whoever is reading this ignores this blog. This blog is only for future purposes, to prove that all inventions and research belong to me. This blog does not have any truth until I prove it to all with proof. I am not giving anyone any right to public my identity. I don’t want any financial support from anyone. I don’t trust anyone. I don’t want any assistant or any awards, rewards, and appreciation from anyone. I will not repeat any mistakes that our great scientists did in the past. They have come under the world’s eye before their achievements. Till now, I have more than 50 thousand Discoveries, Inventions, and Researches in total, and if I try to explain these to the world, then it will take almost 100 years to explain them in detail. I will public my inventions, discoveries, and researches at the correct time when no one is able to misuse them. My main aim is to discover the ways to see the event that happened in the past and to go in the past. On the date 23rd December 2018, I have set some software at work on servers, and this will take almost a year for complete calculations, then only I will be able to take a decision on How to move forward with my research. At max, in 18 years, I will be able to find ways to see the events that happened in the past. I am an Indian by Birth, Software Developer by profession, and Scientist by passion. This makes me a Great Combo.

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