4th Dimensional Space Travel from one Planet to another Planet in an Hour

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4 min readDec 27, 2018

4th Dimensional travel is only possible through gates, and you can enter and exit from any gate.

4th Dimensional travel is magnitude range-restricted. Means 4th Dimensional Distance Travel is only possible in the same range of magnitude of the Existential Magnetic Field. This magnitude remains constant within a planet(under Ozone Layer), which means we can easily go from India to the United States in less than a second. But we can not go from Indian land to outer space because of the width of the ozone layer. Here, the value of the magnitude of the Existential Magnetic Field varies drastically because of the boundaries of our planet’s Potential Magnetic Field and the high difference between the value of the magnitude of the Existential Magnetic Field of Earth and the Solar System. The same with the solar system, We can not go from our solar system to another solar system directly, and the same with galaxies. Means We need to travel/pass the boundaries of the Planet, Solar System, or Galaxies by ourselves. But We can easily go from our outer space to the near point of the boundaries of our solar system or near the point of outer space of another planet through 4th Dimensional Distance Travel.

The magnitude of the Existential Magnetic Field continuously varies in a specific range in a specific Potential Magnetic Field Region(In the case of Earth above and in the ozone layer). If an object crossing nearby our solar system and if it comes in contact with the Potential Magnetic Field of our solar system, then the object will start moving towards our solar system, and if an object is passing nearby our planet and if it comes across our Planet’s Potential Magnetic Field then that object start moving towards our planet.

These Potential Magnetic Fields slightly fluctuate when 2 and more than 2 planets come in a straight line joining the Star(Sun), and both Planets are on the same side (or during a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse happened). This fluctuation is negligible in comparison to the cumulative Potential Magnetic Field, but we should never ignore it because its precision can put an object in sudden magnetic pull towards the Planet because of Fluctuated value change in Potential Magnetic Field Region. That’s why It is recommended not to open the 4th Dimensional gates in outer space of Planet A if Planet A comes between Planet B and Sun, where Planet A and Planet B are consecutive. It might be possible two consecutive are too far, then still consider this because Fluctuation depends on the Mass of Planets and the Distance between them. Fluctuation is directly proportional to the product of mass and inversely proportional to the distance between them. If all planets come in the same line, then forget about travelling in outer space through 4th Dimensional Space Travel because the Potential Magnetic Field and the Existential Magnetic Field will be at their peak.

Enter and Exit gates are located through Planetary Location Locator in that moment of time, for planets treat Sun(Center point of Potential Magnetic Field Region of Solar System) as the center, for Solar Systems treat the center of the milky way(Center of the galaxy) as a center, for galaxies treat common meeting point of cumulative energies as a center.

You can also use planetarium software to find the dates and position of planets but for other Solar Systems, adjust the values of planets and Stars according. Remember, Time is a variable constant for all. Always use the standard calendars and time stamps. I personally use Earth timestamp 5:50:00:00 (IST), and earlier I used Hindu Calendar, but now I use Earth’s standard common calendar. I record the date and time accordingly.

It almost took 30 minutes to reach and to become stable in outer space of Earth through Spacecraft and Rocket with existing technologies then after all we need is correct stable values to open the gates in both ends then this will take at most 30 minutes to reach in outer space of any planet in our solar system in stable condition. On the whole, it will take at max 1 hour to reach in outer space of any planet. The minimum time that it will take to reach with existing technologies is 24 minutes. Here, human life will not be in danger.

Remember, An object cannot go to the outer space of the Sun because of the very high magnitude of Fluctuation in Potential Magnetic Field. Therefore, there will be a sudden magnetic pull, and the object will burn even before entering the gate. The gate can be open easily, but it is not recommended to open the gates there.

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