4th Dimension Exists?

9LU 137786
3 min readOct 17, 2018

On date 17th October 2018 at 09:41:27 AM IST, I have discovered the 4th Dimension, and now I can send an object from one place to another through gates in a 10power-7 sec of the real world. Experiment no. 038–00000092(38th Case-92nd set) an object was entered from Gate 1 and came out from gate 2 successfully. All 1024 test cases are successful in this set, and recorded videos are saved in all 7 places(Full Set). This Research has 3 constant — Andutav(466267), Vishvatum(1.00811784811785811791811799*10power-19) and Golkaritni([1+underroot of 4/3]/2).

Observation after all test cases, Gates never showed a mirror image from inside and outside. From outside gate 1, if I am looking towards gate 1, it shows exact things happening outside gate 2 with no time delay with neglection of our brain receiving that image and also same when I am inside gate 1 and looking towards gate 2. When I am inside gate 1 and looking towards gate 1, I am able to see exact things happening outside gate 1. This 4th Dimensional world is the same as our real world, and it looks like I am watching myself as a third person. In this world, I am not feeling anything, but my feelings remain constant that I have while entering this world(4th Dimension). My watch stopped working inside this world but started working at the time when I came out from gate 2, and inside this world, I am not able to touch anything, not even myself, not able to adjust my watch’s key. These experiments do not have any kind of effect/harm on my body and my brain. All reports are normal. This is an observation from all the 1024 test cases of each and every Set. I have not mentioned what I have watched as a third person in that world. I am also not mentioning time differences between our and that world. I am not ready to give you any hints/clues so that you may start your own research before completing all my researches of that world.

If you are reading this, then Ignore this blog. I am only writing this blog to set one of the ways to prove in the future that all the research belongs to me. I am not giving anyone any right to public my identity. I don’t trust anyone, and I don’t want to give this to a world where immature leaders don’t know how to use existing researches. I will not public my researches and experimental videos until I find ways so that no one is able to misuse them. This Invention is raw and important for the world, but I don’t want to sell these researches of mine for a few billion dollars when I know I am going to earn three-digit trillion dollars in the future. If you try to find out the truth behind this blog, it turns out to be a hoax because you are not able to find any proof. This research is 2000 years ahead. Don’t believe in this blog until I prove it to you with proofs.

I need 18 years of more work so that I can search for all the aspects of this world. I have found out the way through which no one is able to find my researches, Inventions, and my lab.

Future work with high success probabilities-
Distance travel without end gates,
See(Past), Time Travel(past).

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